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Medical Together App

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What will a Medical Centre App do for you?


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Download Our Latest Medical Centre App


If you would like to preview our latest Nicholson Road Medical Group App on your device, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android on your phone or tablet.


Search “Nicholson Road Medical Group” and download the App! Feel free to check out the information, play around with the tabs and functionality.


Testimonial from our great client:


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Like any business tool, your App will perform better for your medical centre the more you use it. It doesn’t take up much time – perfect for your medical centre!

Each piece of functionality is simple to use.

Don’t become overwhelmed! Get started – one thing at a time. Just add more as you go along. To help you achieve this, we’ve prepared this quick start guide.


Getting People To Download It


The primary business benefit of an App is communication. Being able to push messages and send people to your clinic, web content, social media posts and so on.

You want as many downloads as possible – of the right people of course!

You may have databases of prospects or customers. Getting these people to download your App is a sensible thing to do. Whether you have an existing database or not, you will also want to encourage App downloads wherever you can.


Some of the many ways to promote your App


  1. Add a message to your voicemail
  2. Add links to your website
  3. Add the script we gave you to your website – automate App downloads when visitors are on a mobile device
  4. Add links to your email signatures
  5. Use the QR code supplied in your premises and in any printed material or advertising
  6. Staff training – get your staff to promote the download
  7. Announce on your social media channels such as Facebook


Why will anyone want to download your App?


You need to ask why your target audience would want to download your App.

The answer is to create ‘an irresistible offer’

What is an irresistible offer?

This is the key to success.

You need to know who the right people are and what is irresistible to them. Not only does your offer need to be irresistible, it needs to be cost effective for you. Your irresistible offer needn’t be financially based…

Some of the best irresistible offers are based on valuable or timely content information.


Medical Centres


While you may not be sending frequent notifications, those you do send can have a big impact. Both for your centre and your patients.

We think of Medical Centre Apps as a customer service based Apps, which have the added benefits of saving the Centre time and money, as well as increasing revenue at certain times of the year.

Keeping doctor information handy is usually enough of a reason for someone to download – and a friendly nudge from receptionists will go a long way to aiding this. Most new case calls are received in the morning. Allowing non-urgent requests via the App can really help alleviate the pressure on the phone lines at these times.

Sending messages regarding the latest flu jabs or perhaps child health information helps patients keep informed while increasing revenue.

Money is saved by having digital registration forms and some of our medical centres have reported thousands of dollars in savings compared with printing costs this way.

  • Irresistible offer examples (should be extremely easy!)
  • Download to complete new client registration forms
  • Download to easily book or request an appointment
  • Download so you always have our contact information
  • Download to get important health news


Quick Start Implementation


  • Staff training to download the App – “would you mind downloading and letting us know what you think of the App via the feedback form in the App – we’d really value your opinion”. This gets patients to download and go through the App, meaning they know what’s there when they need something in the future, as well as providing useful feedback for you.
  • Try and send a message each month as a minimum with local health news – be careful in the water,importance of sunscreen, what to do if you get bitten by something…




Our push messaging system is very advanced. You can send messages (like SMS but better!) by location, time of day or a combination of the 2. You can also link these messages to one of 4 destinations:-

  1. Nowhere (opens up your App)
  2. To a specific tab inside your App
  3. To any web page
  4. To an E-flyer (customisable templates supplied)


What To Do Next…


If you have any questions on how to get started call customer service on 1300 200 990